Boring, Choppy Writing

I was feeling rather proud of my progress on my book. The prologue started with a few edits to an old blog post, then I wrote another section to bridge the gap between those events and my intake assessment. Chapter 1 was intended to be about the intake assessment and a couple of appointments after that. I wrote one section that covered more lead-up to the assessment. It’s not too bad, although I’m sure there’s some editing to be done. Then I tried to write about the assessment itself. I got a paragraph or two into it and then it was time to look over my medical records from the assessment and try to reconstruct that experience. I got stuck as soon as the records were sitting in front of me.

I stepped away from the computer, did some other activities, and then while making a White Castle stop for supper I pulled out my notepad and wrote down the main points of what I remembered from the assessment. I had been getting too caught up in trying to be detailed, and forgot that not every detail is important. Once I had my 6 points written down, it seemed easy to arrange them in an order that flowed logically.

This all happened yesterday, and today I sat down to do the writing. I’ve managed to cover all 6 points, but my writing is absolute shit. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything this boring and choppy in my life. I’m tempted to select all and hit delete, but I know the mature thing to do would be to step away from it and come back later to do some revisions. Perhaps print a copy that I can scribble all over. So I’m off to eat lunch and perhaps play a few rounds of Yahtzee to get my mind off this terrible work I’ve done.


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