Brainstorming for Potential Job

After leaving my last job in early December, I spent a while enjoying unemployment and waiting to consult with the supported employment services about finding a new job. I finally met with an employment specialist there in late January, and it was a month later before she could get me into an appointment to apply for Vocational Rehabilitation funds to pay for her services. I continued working with her while waiting for an answer, and it took another two months to hear from Vocational Rehabilitation that I had been approved. They can’t see me until late May to finalize my Plan for Employment Services.

I’ve continued job hunting, mostly on my own but with some encouragement from the employment specialist, during this waiting process. I’ve applied for several jobs at the county hospital, the county health department, and the local Community Mental Health Center; this has resulted in four interviews so far. My first two interviews, for a position in Vital Records at the county health department and a position in Registration at the county hospital, went pretty badly. I felt like I bombed them, and accordingly I didn’t get either job.

I had another interview at the hospital, this time for a position in Central Supply. The interviewer told me I had all the experience that was needed. She commented on being able to use a particular skill I have. She wrote down my scheduling conflicts and took me on a tour of the hospital. I walked out of the building and squealed with excitement. I’d never felt confident after an interview before, and I was very disappointed a few days later when I should have received an answer and she never called.

However, in the meantime I got called for an interview for a position at Community Mental Health Center, in the Accounting department. I had less confidence about them finding me qualified, but this is the job I really wanted, with the employer I really wanted. I had that interview yesterday. I did not squeal when I left, but I also don’t feel that I bombed the interview. Since leaving, however, I’ve become increasingly excited about the prospects of this job. It is a new position which will require designing and implementing some procedures, and this is exactly the sort of work I’ve enjoyed most in my past employment. I keep thinking about filing systems and work schedules (they said it could be flexible) and how I would organize my office.

This is the first job that I’ve been truly excited about. The others which I’ve applied for, even the ones where I got interviewed, have merely been jobs I thought I could do, not ones which I really look forward to doing. I had to wait a month and a half between applying and getting the interview; I even sent a follow-up e-mail to let them know I was still interested. Now I’m waiting again, because they will be narrowing the candidate pool and having another interview with the staff member who makes the final hiring decision. I’m trying to balance brainstorming about the position to hopefully impress the interviewer against letting go and being patient about the process.


6 thoughts on “Brainstorming for Potential Job

  1. Wishing you all the best in the search. Hopefully you can find one you really want to do since… for our minds that’s the best option. :)


    • As it turns out, yesterday I got a call from the hospital and they offered me the job in Central Supply. By that point, I had already accepted the idea that I didn’t get it (and gotten very excited about this other job), so when they put me on the spot I turned it down. Then I had a meltdown over the fact that this was probably a horrible mistake and I would never get the job I really wanted and therefore I turned down a perfectly good job opportunity for nothing.

      I sobbed so hard I threw up. I sent a panicked e-mail to my therapist. Then I dragged myself outside in the sun where I’d be safe from hurting myself. I’m feeling much calmer now. I still don’t have a lot of confidence that I will get the job I want, but I know I would hate myself if I settled for the other one and didn’t try.

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    • Aaaaannnddd…I checked the e-mail account I use for job hunting and about 21 hours ago I got an e-mail that I’ve been rejected for the job I wanted. I’m sad, but so unsurprised that I can barely cry about it. I did e-mail HR at the hospital and ask if they’ve filled their position yet, but I highly doubt that they didn’t have a backup choice to offer it to as soon as I turned it down. Plus that is a really bad way to start a new job.

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      • Oh no! So sorry to hear this happened. I actually understand your feeling of turning down one in hopes of getting the one you actually wanted. There’s nothing wrong with that. I hope that things work out though. Just don’t beat yourself up about having taken a risk for something you wanted. *hug*


        • I got a call from the hospital this morning. They had not filled the position yet and decided to re-offer it to me, so I accepted. I have a pre-employment physical and a bunch of paperwork to do on Tuesday. Tentative start date of May 26th, but if everything goes well they may be able to make that earlier.

          I’m still really disappointed about the other job though. I don’t make a habit of wanting things, because it hurts too much when I inevitably don’t get what I want. (Yes, my therapist has pointed out that this is an overgeneralisation.)


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