A Dull Discomfort

Last year I found out I had high blood pressure.  Typically people don’t get symptoms from this, which is why having it checked regularly is important, but I did.  I had a near-constant headache, which magically disappeared as soon as I started taking blood pressure medication.  This headache was the type that isn’t really even pain, so much as a dull discomfort that makes it harder to focus on anything.  It’s not bad enough to prevent doing things, but it is always there and always making everything a little harder than it needs to be.

This is what my experience with Latuda is like.  If I take it correctly, with 350 calories, I have to take it at supper time, which is early evening in my house.  Within 1 to 2 hours, I have this indescribable discomfort that I should be able to push past and still do things, but it’s unpleasant so I give up and go to bed.  I can’t enjoy my evenings, which used to be my most productive time.

I had been taking the Latuda incorrectly, at bedtime, as a result.  It’s about half as effective that way, but I figure half is better than nothing, which is what I’d get if I got frustrated and quit taking it like I did about a month ago.  When Brent agreed to reduce the dosage to 40 mg (from 60 mg) I decided to try taking it with supper again.  No, the reduction doesn’t change anything.

Last night I forgot to take it until 9:30 pm.  I was having a lovely, productive evening, when it suddenly dawned on me that I clearly didn’t take my medication or I wouldn’t feel so good.  I took it then and soon went to bed, although I still had time before the effects would kick in.  I see Brent in a week and a half, and I guess I will have to tell him that I just can’t be compliant on this medication.  I wanted to give the 40 mg a chance, because I do have otherwise good results from the Latuda, but I’m tired of losing so much of my life to sleep.


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