I work at the local hospital stocking supply carts and delivering equipment, so I end up walking all over the hospital in a day’s time.  The elevator down to our storeroom is located right next to the entrance to inpatient mental health, and so I’m reminded of my stays there a dozen times a day.

So far this week, I have run into the on-call therapist four times.  On Monday she was getting on the elevator to the emergency room as I was getting off, and it took half an hour for me to realize why she would be in that part of the hospital.  Why, going to see someone who was in the emergency room for mental health reasons, duh.  On Wednesday I saw her actually in the emergency room, typing up her report about meeting with someone.  Later that day I also passed her as she was going into the cafeteria.

Today we were waiting for an elevator together, as she was on her way to see someone in the ICU.  I finally told her what I’d been thinking all week – that every time I see her I’m thankful it’s not because she’s in the process of locking me up again.