Pill Popping

A couple of weeks ago, SassaFrass posted about her Sunday Ritual of filling her pill containers for the week.  I also do mine on Sunday, and last night I finally got around to taking a picture.  Just one, as I was too lazy to do a series like she did, but as a bonus I’ll explain what all the pills are.


MORN (taken with breakfast or, more likely, the first time I get up in the morning):

Wellbutrin XL 300 mg – antidepressant
BuSpar 15 mg – anxiolytic
lisinopril 5 mg (half a pill, but it’s kind of hiding under that bigger pink one) – blood pressure
fish oil – for lowering triglycerides
B-complex – purportedly good for depression, and it tastes yummy
multivitamin – general well-being, because my eating habits are crap

NOON (actually taken at 11, which is usually with lunch):

BuSpar 15 mg – anxiolytic
Gildess – birth control

EVE (taken with supper):

BuSpar 15 mg – anxiolytic
fiber x 3 – for lowering triglycerides
fish oil – for lowering triglycerides

BED (taken at bedtime):

Latuda 40 mg – antipsychotic, purportedly good for bipolar depression
fiber x 3 – for lowering triglycerides

Lately I’ve also had the random Pepcid AC for my persistent heartburn over the past 6 weeks, and sometimes Aleve for the soreness after my car accident.


3 thoughts on “Pill Popping

  1. How does the lisinopril work for the blood pressure? My mother has been on and off her blood pressure meds as she feels this “UTI symptoms” when she takes her current (losartan) so the doctor told her to shop around for one she wanted to try.


    • Works for me! I started on 10 mg because that’s the smallest pill they make, but for a while my blood pressure was dipping too low when I moved so I was told to cut them in half. I think I should go back up to 10 mg though, as my blood pressure has been a little high lately. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow where I can suggest that.


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