A Daily Dose of Gratitude

Probably about 6 months back, Sadie encouraged me to keep a gratitude journal.  I was not feeling motivated to do it, and told her I would manage to write something positive in my regular journal each day, but not keep a separate one just for gratitude.  This lasted about two days.  Months later, she brought the idea up again and I caved, pulling out this pretty peacock journal that a friend had sent me in a care package.


I aim to write three things every day, although sometimes I struggle to find two and other times I have a fourth one that must be included.  I started on September 30th and have managed to force some positive thoughts on to paper every day since.

I don’t always feel them.  Very often, I write down things that other people would find positive, not because I actually felt grateful about those things that day.  It feels silly and stupid most of the time, and I’m not entirely sure why I keep doing it.  I suppose I want to look like I’m making the effort.

Something I noted to another blogger on a related post was that I focus on things that are specific to that day.  Daily reiterations of “I’m thankful to be alive” or “I’m thankful to live in a warm house” would make me feel even stupider about the whole thing.  I definitely wouldn’t be feeling the gratitude on any day if I didn’t find something about that day that was special.

Some examples:

“Used a gift card to get Wendy’s for lunch.”
“Going to White Castle  in horror makeup.”
“Finally tried a Larvet.”
“Listening to my iPod on a long car ride.”
“Increased biking distance by a quarter mile.”
“Was allowed to leave work to go to therapy.”
“Mindfulness exercise in group was enlightening.”
“Reverse trick-or-treating at work.”
“Seeing the moon in daytime.”
“Dyed hair red.”
“Baby gargoyles.”
“NAMI Christmas dinner.”
“Mom bought me a beautiful new coloring book.”


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