Self-Soothe First Aid Kit

Last year, when I noted that you are Never Too Old for Crayola, I talked about the therapy assignment to create a self-soothe first aid kit.  When I was adding a few items to it today, I realized that I never shared a picture, so here are the contents of my kit:


  • Small knit swatches (Feeling)
  • Stained glass coloring books (Seeing)
  • Pouch full of Crayola Twistables colored pencils (Seeing)
  • Stress grip (Feeling)
  • Eucalyptus & Spearmint lotion (Smelling)
  • Fruit Stripe gum (Tasting)
  • Family photos (Seeing)
  • Pill case with a few BuSpar in it (no sense, just good to have on hand)
  • Roll-on perfume oil – Aglaea from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (Smelling)
  • Four Tangle Jr. (metallic, fuzzy, textured, and classic) (Feeling)
  • iPod Shuffle full of upbeat music (Hearing)
  • Zebra pouch that holds the smaller items (no sense, used for organization)
  • Notecards with inspiring quotes (Seeing)
  • Bubble timer (Seeing)

Not pictured, because I forgot I’d had it out and been using it, is a green foam keyring floater that I use like a stress ball.  EDIT: Also not pictured, because I just bought it, is an egg of Silly Putty.

Something I wanted to add, as another use of the Hearing sense, was a small rain stick, but all the ones I found that were small enough had negative reviews about the sound they make.  I also only have one Tasting item, so maybe something like hard candy could be added.

What else would you include if you made a self-soothe first aid kit?


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