In inpatient they are really good about accommodating client preferences in regards to medication.  My BuSpar prescription was originally written with the directions “TAKE ONE TABLET BY MOUTH THREE TIMES A DAY AS NEEDED”.  The next time I entered inpatient, they were expecting me to come ask for the BuSpar if I needed it, but at that point I’d been consistently taking it on a schedule and when I told the psychiatrist that it got put on a schedule.  A very strange schedule, that I’m sure made sense to them, but I was used to taking it with meals and that lining up pretty well with when I started to get anxious.  So I mentioned that and next thing I knew I was getting it with meals.

Latuda is designed to be taken with a meal – it requires 350 calories to be metabolized properly.  Unfortunately, if I take it with a meal I am going to be antsy and irritable within 60-90 minutes and have to resolve that by going to sleep.  So I’ve traditionally taken the Latuda at bedtime, with Brent’s approval, despite the fact that I rarely eat that large of a snack before bed.

On my latest inpatient visit they were quite agreeable to moving it from breakfast (their preferred time) to supper, but reluctant when I asked to wait until bedtime.  The first night the nurse came to check the calories in my snack and made me take a second carton of milk because there weren’t 350 calories.  The next night, I had some Fritos given to me by another client and that nurse suggested I take peanut butter and graham crackers to fill up the rest of the required calories.  I did not want peanut butter and graham crackers, but I ate them and was halfway through the Fritos when she came back with the Latuda and didn’t want to give it to me because I hadn’t finished my snack!  I promised to eat the rest of it but felt an overwhelming temptation to throw it away out of spite.

I picked up my Latuda prescription today and happened to notice the directions.  It now says “TAKE ONE TABLET BY MOUTH AT BEDTIME AS DIRECTED WITH 350 CALORIES SNACK”.