Social Anxiety Hierarchy

A while back in “I can’t drink and drive!” I made a hierarchy of steps for addressing my anxiety about driving.  Due to being without a car after my accident, then in inpatient, then on vacation I didn’t have a lot of time to work on these steps before the deadline for which I needed to reach the final step: Drive to and from location of NAMI classes in the dark.

Well, as it turns out I actually drive there in the daylight and come home after dark, which was step 21, but either way I accomplished the ultimate goal last week when I drove to the class by myself.  I was ready to call this goal completed and strike it from the treatment plan, but Sadie says I need more practice on the intermediate steps and I grudgingly admit she’s right.  This week I plan to drive somewhere new in my own town to pick a friend up for lunch.  She doesn’t even have a driver’s license so I’m quite a few steps ahead of her.

Sadie and I went over my treatment plan in my last appointment because an update is due next week.  One of the aspects that we haven’t touched in the past 3 months is another hierarchy, this one addressing my social anxiety.  Sadie suggested that I spend this week working on a list of steps to include, and I sort of haven’t touched that despite the fact that my appointment is in 26 hours.  Oops.

The problem is I’m stumped.  I guess that I should probably refer back to my DBT materials where there was a section on ways to practice asking for what you want.  Those are all situations I’d find anxiety-provoking, but I also found some of them flat-out rude, like scheduling an appointment then calling back to cancel.  I also could look for example hierarchies online, such as:

I know I need to work a lot on phone anxiety.  I overcomplicate my life a lot with reluctance to make phone calls, and when I finally do bite the bullet and call it turns out to be so simple that I beat myself up over having put it off so long.


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