Mental Health Apps

My new favorite app is NAMI Air.  It’s a free, anonymous social network for people with mental illness and their caregivers.  You can write a post about what you are thinking or feeling, and others can click on “like”, “hug”, or “me too!”.  If they click “me too!” they are given an opportunity to write their own post about the topic, which will link back to your post.

I only have two real complaints.  One is that when you click on the teaser for a post to read the rest of it, going back to the main page sends you to the top of the page rather than wherever you were in your reading.  The other is a good thing that just happens to inconvenience me.  If you use words such as “die”, “self-harm”, “suicide”, etc. the post is flagged for review before it appears.  This can be annoying when you’re trying to give feedback such as “here’s a technique I use to prevent self-harm”.  I understand the reasoning behind it though.

Another new favorite is Suicide Safety Plan.  I’ve created such plans before, but it’s a pain to keep the paper handy.  This app lets you keep all your coping skills and contacts in a convenient location.  You can import numbers from your phone’s contact list, and within the app there’s a screen that lets you dial those numbers.


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