GoFundMe: In Debt to the Nut Hut

So, finances are a bit of a problem right now.  I think I’d be handling it better if this weren’t the dreaded month of February, where everything magically turns to shit.  Sadie tried to convince me that I can get out of debt and eventually afford to move out.  Then I came home and mom screamed profanities at me because she was frustrated about a project she was working on and apparently I’m supposed to be psychic and help without her asking.  This was Tuesday, and I went out in the yard in the cold and cried for an hour, then later cried myself to sleep for another hour.

Wednesday I tried to schedule my appointment with Brent early but the soonest I could get was 2 weeks away.  I dropped in to see the on-call therapist, Amelia, and she was able to get my appointment moved to the next day.  Thursday I saw Brent, who opted not to make medication adjustments, but told me he was really glad I came in seeking help and to keep the other appointment in 2 weeks.  We’ll see how I’m doing when the dreaded month of February is over.

None of this resolves the fact that I have a $3,000+ debt to Community Mental Health Center which is in the process of being sent to collections.  So, I’m putting aside my pride and asking for help.  I’m willing to put my real name out there in the interest of that help, so please take a look at In Debt to the Nut Hut and see if you can spare a dollar or two.  I can’t even explain how grateful I would be.


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