Therapy Cat

Last week I mentioned to Sadie that I’d thought about bringing my cat with me but figured it would be frowned upon.  She said it was fine as long as the cat wouldn’t pee in her office, which of course made me super paranoid that she would.  However, Grey Kitty went to the litter box right before it was time to leave for my appointment Wednesday, which alleviated my fears.

I zipped her up in the cat carrier with a toy, and we set off to Sadie’s office.  Grey Kitty only cried  once on the way, and I talked to her and she quieted down.  When I got there, I took her out of the carrier and handed her to Sadie, who sat down while holding her.  Grey Kitty promptly jumped down and wandered around the office.  I had brought the one that doesn’t claw people, throw up, shed, or chew wires, but I was concerned she might end up atop the bookcase.  She didn’t.

Most of the appointment was spent with Grey Kitty lying in the chair next to mine, but occasionally she walked over and put her paws up on Sadie’s leg, waiting to be petted.  When I was preparing to leave, Sadie told me how well-behaved Grey Kitty was.  I was so proud of her.

The non-cat focus of the appointment was on two topics: codependency and the Non-Judgmental skill from DBT.  Sadie happened to be re-reading Codependent No More and thinking, “Hey, this reminds me of you.”  So my copy is arriving in the mail today.


One thought on “Therapy Cat

  1. I was hoping you would tell about the therapy visit with the kitty! She’s adorable, by the way!!!


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