A Giant First Aid Kit

Today it was my good fortune that being a hospital employee is like working inside a giant first aid kit.  I was minding my own business checking the OR cart when my hand felt funny and I looked down to see blood all over it.  I had apparently cut my finger on the paper packaging of a specimen trap.

I can never find things on that cart, so I went racing to the nearest department where I do know where to find things and snatched a pack of 2×2 gauze off their cart.  I got the blood wiped off and then took a Bandaid to put on my finger, then a few alcohol wipes to get the blood off the rest of my hand.

I was hoping to replace the plain Bandaid with a cute one when I passed through the emergency room later.  Last time I looked at their Bandaid stash it included Angry Birds Space, and I really wanted one of those, but the Bandaids had all been removed from their boxes and sorted into a plastic bin, so it was hard to see what designs they were.


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