Menstrual Cups 101

Somewhere in the course of watching tons of YouTube videos about Smash Books and various scrapbooking and sticker subscriptions, I started getting recommended videos from Precious Stars Pads.  She does reviews and advice about menstrual cups and reusable pads.  (So if you are squeamish about periods, maybe this is a good time to hit the back button.)

My periods were super irregular for years, and then one day they magically started being perfectly regular.  No idea what changed, but I’d already heard about menstrual cups by that point and was interested, but not wanting to commit to buying one if I wasn’t sure my periods would stay regular.  I decided that after a year I’d buy one.  I ended up getting a Lunette cup in December 2013.  I loved it immediately, but was too embarrassed about the topic to spread the love to my friends.

Then in September 2015 I started taking birth control pills.  My 2-day periods turned into 0-day periods – not a spot of bleeding at all since I started the pills…until Monday.  I had just lamented the fact that I don’t get to use my Lunette cup anymore, then 5 minutes later I was in the bathroom finding a tiny trace of blood.  I cursed myself.  Of course, my uterus can’t decide what it’s doing.  Every time I take out the cup and find it empty I leave it out, then a few hours later there’s blood again and I put it back.  I’m getting annoyed.

However, I was also really excited about the idea of needing my cup again, because in watching these YouTube videos I found a really cool one called Lily Cup Compact.  It folds down like a collapsible funnel and fits in a tiny plastic case.  I’ve already taken a chance and ordered one in hopes I’ll be able to use it.

So what’s great about menstrual cups?  They save money in the long run because they last for years.  They keep a lot of garbage out of the landfills.  They don’t dry you out by absorbing all your natural lubrication.  There have been no reported cases of TSS.  They aren’t full of bleach and other nasty chemicals.  They can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing to be emptied.  Some people experience shorter, lighter periods.

The YouTube channel I mentioned above has great videos that should answer any questions people have, but I’m happy to answer questions to the best of my ability.  I’m tired of being too ashamed to share one of the best things that I ever discovered.


3 thoughts on “Menstrual Cups 101

  1. I’ve used a diva cup for five years now , they are just so much more convenient and comfortable.


  2. I’m glad you talked about this because I’ve been reading women’s praises about these for awhile now but I have yet to actually try them. I do have some questions. How was the learning curve? I’ve read that it takes some time to get used to. Was that true for you? And I’ve heard various stories about how you tackle them when you’re in a public bathroom because they are supposed to be rinsed every time you empty it. How do you deal with that?


    • I didn’t have any problems learning to use mine. I think it went in right on the first try. A lot of sites recommend using lube to help it go in easier, but I just run the rim under the tap water.

      Since you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours you shouldn’t need to empty it in a public bathroom unless you have an extremely heavy flow (and we’re talking medical problems level of heavy). If you do need to, you can just wipe it out with toilet paper. They do stain and I’m sure rinsing every time would keep it from happening so quickly, but the staining can be removed by soaking the cup in hydrogen peroxide.


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