Suffering for a Good Cause

Last fall Hoxworth held a blood drive at the hospital where I work.  It was my first time donating blood and although I was extremely anxious it went smoothly.  In fact, I was told I may have set a record for how fast the process was done.  In January they were back, but I missed out on it due to being out of town.  So today was my second blood donation.

This time it did not go nearly as well.  The man had trouble finding a vein, going from my right arm to my left and back.  Then it wasn’t flowing well, so a woman came over and fiddled with the needle, pulling it out a little and flipping it over.  The flow was better after that, but I started to get dizzy, so they tilted my chair back, put cold, wet towels on my forehead and throat, told me to breathe deeply, and kept yelling at me for closing my eyes.  A second man had come over at that point, so both of them were telling me to breathe (I kept forgetting to) and keep my eyes open.  They so did not want to stay open.

Ultimately the second man told the first one to go ahead and stop, with about a minute left to go.  I felt ashamed.  I know it wasn’t my fault and don’t even know why it happened – last time I was perfectly fine and only had a brief wave of dizziness after I got back to work.  Of course I’ll still do it again next time, but I hope it goes more like the first time rather than this one.


2 thoughts on “Suffering for a Good Cause

  1. Needles don’t bother me and I’ve given blood for years and never had a problem until one time it hit me wrong. Very similar experience that you had. Woozy and nauseated. I was embarrassed because I usually get comments about how quickly I fill the bag. I don’t have any idea why that time was any different, I’m glad you’re choosing to go back at your next opportunity.


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