Back Into the Fire

So much is happening in my life the past few weeks and I haven’t been able to pull my thoughts together for blogging in a while.  Last week may have been the best week of my life, and I will discuss all the aspects of it in later posts but for now I’m talking about college.

I have attended three different colleges in two different time spans for a total of 6.5 years.  The first attempt, straight out of high school, ended in a hypomanic episode that led me to quit because everything felt too fantastic to bother with school.  When I went back 4 years later and tried again, I hit a very rough patch and spent two years struggling to complete classes while severely depressed.  I did manage to complete 23 credits in that two years, but I was dismissed due to a failing grade point average.

Another 8 years have passed since I last attended college.  The idea of trying it again terrifies me, but I applied and have been accepted to a nearby college.  I applied for the spring 2017 term, but now that I’ve been accepted I don’t understand why I thought it would take so long to get prepared and I’m inquiring as to whether I can go ahead and enroll in a course or two for the fall.

I need a total of 18 more courses.  At two per semester that is going to take a couple of years to complete, but my only aim was to get done before age 40 and that will be totally doable.  I’m such a nerd that I’ve already selected every course I plan to take.  No course numbers included, as that may make it possible to identify the college, but here are the course titles:

General Education:

Biological Perspectives of Wellness
Advanced College Writing
Social Work and the Community

English Minor:

Introduction to Writing Studies

Psychology Major:

Introduction to Statistical Methods
Research Methods and Lab
Career Planning for Psychology Majors
Psychological Testing & Measurement
Lifespan Development
Animal Learning
Cognitive Processes
Social Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Personality Psychology
Psychology of Perception
Counseling Psychology

As you might guess, I did not spend any of my previous 6.5 years of college as a psychology major.  In fact, I only have credit for two of my required psychology courses, although I did take Social Psychology in the past.  They transferred it in as Social Psychology in the Sociology department instead of Social Psychology in the Psychology department.  So perhaps I can get that changed.

Unfortunately, it looks like I need to take the statistics course first as it’s a prerequisite to research methods, which is a prerequisite to several other courses.  I was only planning to take one course my first semester but I really wanted it to be something fun and exciting to get me motivated, so I may push myself to take two.


7 thoughts on “Back Into the Fire

    • Part of the problem last time was that I went back as a theatre major instead of changing majors and I just wasn’t into it anymore. I still would have gotten depressed but I might have managed better in classes I was more interested in.

      I just found out that they changed my admission to fall so I need to register for an orientation and make an advising appointment to register for classes.


    • I am a combination of excited and terrified. I’m not looking forward to the two English classes, but everything else is something I’m deeply interested in. (Well, maybe not so much the statistics, but I don’t mind it and it’s necessary in order to take the classes I want to take.)


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