Things I Like About Me

Sadie frequently encourages me to do thought diaries, which I am very resistant to doing.  We can’t figure out why, since I always go above and beyond on other tasks she assigns.  Ironically, a Bing search for “thought diary” has the first image result as one from my blog.

This week Sadie and I were discussing my overall lack of self-liking.  She wanted me to identify positive traits that I have, and since the daily gratitude journal has been helpful I suggested that I also write down one thing I like about myself.  She tweaked this a bit so that I’m supposed to identify a situation in my day and what positive trait I showed in that situation.

On the first day, I said that crying in front of Sadie (yes, again) showed that I’m able to show vulnerability.  On the second day, I showed cleverness by tying someone’s derailment in DBT group back to the topic at hand.  On the third day, I was insightful in knowing that I couldn’t deal with productivity at that moment and needed to veg out by binge watching TV on Netflix.  On the fourth day, I showed that I care about my health by scheduling a follow-up for a leg injury.  On the fifth day, I showed that I can keep things in perspective by realizing that losing my Fitbit was not a huge tragedy.

I’ve been writing these in my regular journal instead of a separate book, but may have to get another book and copy them over since it seems to be really helping.  I was actually lying in bed last night feeling at peace with my life for the first time in forever.


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