Crisis Text Line

A long time ago I discovered Crisis Text Line at a time when I was definitely in need of crisis intervention.  I was too scared to use it though, and ended up being distracted by some people making a spectacle in Steak ‘n Shake.  The number did end up on my safety plan, and Sadie recently asked if I needed to update that plan due to my job change.  She reminded me of Crisis Text Line.  A few hours later, I got a Facebook message from a friend about Crisis Text Line.  A few hours later, I used Crisis Text Line.

I’m not comfortable sharing exactly what I said, but in summary, I was working overnight and had been juggling crises had by two other people, and I was about to run away from work and never come back.  I texted “HOME” to 741741 as instructed on the website, and proceeded to explain my situation.  Here is the other side of the conversation:

CTL [automated]: Thanks for texting Crisis Text Line, where you’ll text with a compassionate Crisis Counselor.  Our terms of service:

CTL [automated]: Text STOP anytime to cancel.  We can’t receive msgs longer than 160 characters (~a couple of sentences).  What’s on your mind?

ME:  …

CTL [automated]: Thanks for sharing.  We’re getting a Crisis Counselor for you, it may take a moment.

ME: …

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: Hi, my name is [name], thanks for texting in tonight.  Do you mind if i ask your name?

ME: [name]

CTL [counselor]: Thanks [name], it sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed in this new job?

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: It is very normal to get discouraged with work, especially in a very intense role like it sounds like you have.

CTL [counselor]: Do you have any supervisors you can talk to about how the night is going?

ME: …

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: It sounds like if she works there she might know this patient and be able to help you with the specific case.  You should have that support at your job.

ME: …

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: It is normal to feel down on yourself in a high pressure job, but you are still learning.  Are your coworkers supportive of you?

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: It is good to hear there is a support system for such a high stress job.  I’m sure they are confident for a reason.

CTL [counselor]: If it gets bad like tonight again, do you think you would be able to schedule a meeting with a supervisor to voice your concerns?

ME: …

CTL [counselor]:  Ok that is good to hear, you are very strong [name]!

ME: …

CTL [counselor]: That sounds like a good plan.  Good luck!

ME: …

CTL [automated]: Thanks for texting Crisis Text Line.  The Crisis Counselor has closed the conversation.  You got this!

CTL [automated]: Please share your voice to help other texters.  Provide your anonymous feedback here: [link]

Looking back over the conversation, it feels a little cheesy, but in the moment it helped.  She said just enough to get me to talk through the issue on my own and find my own solutions.  I would definitely recommend the service.  It’s great if you are uncomfortable talking to someone aloud, although I would advise that it is a little slow-paced to get responses and if you’re feeling particularly agitated the pace might be frustrating.

I’m trying to commit to writing on my blog more regularly.  Obviously today is not Sunday but for the future I am aiming to schedule a time on Sunday to post.  After this week, if Sunday has passed and I haven’t posted, I encourage you to call me out on it.


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