In therapy today, Sadie asked if I look through my DBT binder when I’m feeling distressed and can’t think of what skill to use. I said no, that the size of my binder had become overwhelming and I don’t even like to flip through it to find the week’s homework for group. I have both editions of Marsha Linehan’s handouts, plus handouts from Moonshine Consulting and all the mindfulness exercises from group. She suggested I remove the extra material that we don’t use in group, but I frequently reference those pages during group and it gives me positive feelings about having contributed.

Sadie’s alternate suggestion was to create a miniature version with only the material that would be helpful to me in a crisis. I printed and assembled it this evening and am working to write in my answers on the blank handouts. The size is much more manageable.

Aside from DBT skills, the new binder includes a copy of my safety plan and several copies each of the Pros & Cons and Thought Diary worksheets I use. I plan to add a few coloring pages and some kind of word games that I can easily pull out to use for distraction.

I thought this new binder was just to make things easier at home, but mom assumed I was planning to take it on our upcoming vacation. I am hoping it won’t be needed, but it’s probably a good idea to pack it just in case.