Some douche with an acoustic guitar

This afternoon I go to visit my mother in the hospital.  I take along a deck of Cards Against Humanity and we are having a rather unenthusiastic game.  Suddenly we hear music.  Mom peers out the door and comes back shaking her head over the fact that a random guy is playing guitar in the hallway.

The next thing we know, he is standing inside her room, asking if he could play a song for us.  Mom is facing slightly away from him, rolling her eyes, and I say, “Sure!”  See, I’m a big fan of the movie Yes Man.  In theory, at least.  My life would benefit from saying yes a lot more often.  Do I practice this?  Not really, although I find that I enjoy myself a lot more when I do.

So the man with the guitar asks what kind of music we want to hear.  With much prodding, mom eventually agrees to “popular” and that something by The Beatles would be okay.  As he plays “When I’m Sixty-Four”, she continues on with our game, but without the best part of reading the questions and answers aloud.  

I draw a card to replace the one I’d just used.  I smirk.  I wait and wait for the man to finish playing and leave the room, then say “I just won this round” and play the following: