Walt Disney World Smash Book

I have nearly filled my first, random Smash Book.  There are three pages left, plus the photo sleeves, and I know what is going in all of them.  So it was time to start on one of the themed Smash Books I was planning, and I dove into the one for Walt Disney World.  All the photos and anecdotes come from two trips I took (2009 and 2013) in which I celebrated my birthday there.

I am using the Cutesy Folio and cards from the Project Life Strawberry Edition Core Kit.  I also have the Smash Label Maker with all the cute colored refills (pink, green, blue, and yellow).  Now I just have to wait for Walgreens to print and mail my photos, which are tiny little 2x3s in groups of four.  For example, from EPCOT’s IllumiNations show:



Smashing and Wrecking

A week or so ago, my favorite coworker gave me a gift.  It was a Smash Book and some accessories to go with it.  What is a Smash Book?  It’s sort of a messy, less anal-retentive form of scrapbooking.  The pages in the book have a theme, and then you’re supposed to just stick random stuff in it.


Pictured above is my Couture Smash Folio with a pen band around it, the cute little pen-like scissors, and a bunch of Smash Pads, which contain themed pages you fill in and use in your book.

The concept reminded me of the Wreck This Journal book I worked on a few years ago.  Except maybe more fun, as the Wreck This Journal had specific instructions for each page and the Smash Book is more freeform.

I jumped right in, working first on this zebra page:


You know what happened?  I got very excited about this idea, and have purchased a bunch of supplies and watched tons of videos where people show their completed pages/books.  I was glad to be excited because I’m having a serious apathy problem lately.  Now that I’ve bought all this stuff?  I think the excitement was just about spending money, because now I have ideas and feel all perfectionistic about them and can’t get started because I don’t want to screw it all up.  This totally defeats the point of the Smash Book.

See, I want this one to be super random.  But then I bought the Tasty Folio to do a food-themed one with recipes and wrappers and restaurant menus.  And I want the Holiday Folio to do a special one about all the Christmases with my grandma, since that was her favorite holiday.  And I want to save the stuff about my various trips to do one that is all about travel.  Ugh, can I just say that I hate my brain?