Messy Box April 2016


April Messy Box has arrived!  It’s a Paris weekend theme.  The large papers and tiny squares are single-sided.  All the other cards have a different design on the back.  The roller stamp says: FUN TIMES, DATE NIGHT, POSITIVE VIBES, COFFEE BREAK, YES,YES,YES!, BRUNCH!, I LOVE, THE WEEKEND, ♥♥♥♥♥, WEEKEND TO-DO LIST, SUNDAY, SATURDAY.  I don’t love this box as much as last month’s as I’m not really into French things, but some of the basic patterns (mostly black and white) are nice.

I used some of the March contents for a Smash Book two-page spread about birthdays.  I’m especially loving my rounded corner punches.  The little cards look so much nicer with round corners.



Scrapbooking Subscriptions

In watching way too many YouTube videos about Smash Books, I stumbled upon videos about Pipsticks, a sticker subscription service.  I couldn’t help myself…getting mail is so much fun!  Then I wondered about other subscriptions and found Messy Box, which comes with scrapbooking papers and cards and stickers and other tidbits.  My first one arrived today:


The cards are all double-sided – I picked a side at random for the picture.  This is the March 2016 box, as when you subscribe you are automatically sent the latest box, then future boxes go out on the 10th of the month.  (For Pipsticks, they are mailed on the 1st or 15th, depending on when you subscribed.)

The other thing I discovered is Pocket Letters.  You place various cards, goodies, and notes in the pockets of a trading card page protector, then fold it in thirds and pop it in a legal-sized envelope.  I’m waiting until my Pipsticks get here, but I’m so eager to send one of these to someone who will really enjoy it.