Rolling Smash Book Tote

I collected items for my college Smash Book all through fall semester and never worked on putting things in because I was so disorganized.  I’d also like to be able to take it on the go in case I have a lot of free time somewhere or visit a friend who has tons of stamps and punches and will need my other supplies in order to use them.  I looked at rolling scrapbook totes in the various craft stores and couldn’t convince myself to buy one, but then I got home and watched YouTube videos of how people organized theirs and fell in love with one of the ones I had seen at Hobby Lobby.  I also saw a clever idea in a different video about using plastic photo boxes for organization, so I ordered the tote and the boxes and eagerly awaited my chance to fill them.

Warning: This will be a very image-heavy post.


This is the grey chevron rolling tote from The Paper Studio.  I ordered it online from Hobby Lobby when they were offering a 50% off sale.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend paying full-price.  The exterior has a plastic coating that makes it waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

The left and right sides each have a zipper pocket and a mesh pocket.  The back has a tiny mesh pocket to the side of the handle.  I’ve filled the zipper pockets with washi tape and the side pockets with roller stamps and ink pads.

Interiors of the front pocket and two side pockets.  The side pockets each contain a 5×7 Iris photo case full of washi tape.  One is thin tape in a variety of colors.  The other is standard size tape in school colors, plus a Smash Book tape and one from a Messy Box.

Contents of front pocket and side net pockets.  6×6 scrapbook paper, index cards, Mod Podge, and metal ruler.  Stamp pads from Messy Box and Let’s Color, Smash stamp, phrase roller stamp and date roller stamp from Messy Box, and a very old date roller stamp from my childhood.


Here’s a view inside the main compartment.  It has an adjustable divider (which is held in place by Velcro) that contains various pockets and elastic bands for holding small items.  I’ve placed mine far forward with just the Smash Book in front of it, so that there would be plenty of room to fit in all the photo cases.

The front and back sides of the divider.  The back is holding Sharpie pens and metallic Sharpies, paintbrushes, Prismacolor accessories, and a few random writing utensils, plus some rubber bands and pencil grips in a clear pocket.  I haven’t come up with anything to put in the other clear pocket yet.  The front side has a lot of tools that will be shown in a separate picture.


Here are the contents of the front of the divider.  Fiskars edging scissors, regular scissors, glue dot runner, stapler, tape dispenser, bone folder, rotary cutter, Prismacolor pencil sharpener, tiny sticky notes, erasers, Prismacolor blending pen, Smash scissors, corner rounder and hole punches, extra tape and staples.

Organizers inside main compartment.  Top left shows a marker board that I use as a surface for spreading glue and two Iris project boxes.  One contains large sticker sheets and some Smash Book inserts.  The other contains all the papers and brochures I’ve collected from college that might go in the Smash Book.  Bottom left shows my smaller set of Prismacolor pencils (48 count), watercolor pencils, and gel pens.  Right shows eight of the 5×7 Iris photo boxes with various supplies in them.

All the 5×7 photo boxes from the main compartment.  Top left ones contain small sticker sheets and small ephemera from college.  Top right ones contain chalkboard postcards, Tattered Tangles coloring sheets, and Smash Book smash pads.  Bottom left ones contain various pockets and a set of Smash Book ephemera that is school-themed.  Bottom right ones contain Project Life cards from the Kraft Edition core kit and the Childhood Edition-Wellington mini kit.

I worried a little in the back of my mind that I’d buy this tote and do all this organizing and then just sigh and say “So pretty!” and still not work on the Smash Book.  As it turns out, I’ve done 7 pages since I got organized.  I have completed pages about admissions and my goals, my first visit to campus for an advising appointment, and my orientation day.



Walt Disney World Smash Book

I have nearly filled my first, random Smash Book.  There are three pages left, plus the photo sleeves, and I know what is going in all of them.  So it was time to start on one of the themed Smash Books I was planning, and I dove into the one for Walt Disney World.  All the photos and anecdotes come from two trips I took (2009 and 2013) in which I celebrated my birthday there.

I am using the Cutesy Folio and cards from the Project Life Strawberry Edition Core Kit.  I also have the Smash Label Maker with all the cute colored refills (pink, green, blue, and yellow).  Now I just have to wait for Walgreens to print and mail my photos, which are tiny little 2x3s in groups of four.  For example, from EPCOT’s IllumiNations show:


Messy Box April 2016


April Messy Box has arrived!  It’s a Paris weekend theme.  The large papers and tiny squares are single-sided.  All the other cards have a different design on the back.  The roller stamp says: FUN TIMES, DATE NIGHT, POSITIVE VIBES, COFFEE BREAK, YES,YES,YES!, BRUNCH!, I LOVE, THE WEEKEND, ♥♥♥♥♥, WEEKEND TO-DO LIST, SUNDAY, SATURDAY.  I don’t love this box as much as last month’s as I’m not really into French things, but some of the basic patterns (mostly black and white) are nice.

I used some of the March contents for a Smash Book two-page spread about birthdays.  I’m especially loving my rounded corner punches.  The little cards look so much nicer with round corners.


Scrapbooking Subscriptions

In watching way too many YouTube videos about Smash Books, I stumbled upon videos about Pipsticks, a sticker subscription service.  I couldn’t help myself…getting mail is so much fun!  Then I wondered about other subscriptions and found Messy Box, which comes with scrapbooking papers and cards and stickers and other tidbits.  My first one arrived today:


The cards are all double-sided – I picked a side at random for the picture.  This is the March 2016 box, as when you subscribe you are automatically sent the latest box, then future boxes go out on the 10th of the month.  (For Pipsticks, they are mailed on the 1st or 15th, depending on when you subscribed.)

The other thing I discovered is Pocket Letters.  You place various cards, goodies, and notes in the pockets of a trading card page protector, then fold it in thirds and pop it in a legal-sized envelope.  I’m waiting until my Pipsticks get here, but I’m so eager to send one of these to someone who will really enjoy it.

Smash Mirror

No, this post is not about shattering glass.  It’s about the neat page I just finished in my Smash Book.  The right-hand page, still as it was when I got the book, is a bit shiny.  The left-hand page has a mirror on it, surrounded by a “poem” written using quote stickers.  The page was inspired by a day when I went into the bathroom at CMHC and found inspirational sticky notes all around the mirror.


The “poem” is read down the right side first, across the bottom, up the left, and then across the top.  In case it’s too hard to read in the picture, here’s what it says:

darling, you are a work of art
be your beautiful self
choose to see the good stuff
look on the bright side
you are capable of becoming more than you realize
make it happen
today is full of possibilities
start doing things you love
shine like the whole universe is yours
no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart
choose to shine!

The mirrored sheet and the quote stickers all came from the Tim Holtz idea-ology line.

Smashing and Wrecking

A week or so ago, my favorite coworker gave me a gift.  It was a Smash Book and some accessories to go with it.  What is a Smash Book?  It’s sort of a messy, less anal-retentive form of scrapbooking.  The pages in the book have a theme, and then you’re supposed to just stick random stuff in it.


Pictured above is my Couture Smash Folio with a pen band around it, the cute little pen-like scissors, and a bunch of Smash Pads, which contain themed pages you fill in and use in your book.

The concept reminded me of the Wreck This Journal book I worked on a few years ago.  Except maybe more fun, as the Wreck This Journal had specific instructions for each page and the Smash Book is more freeform.

I jumped right in, working first on this zebra page:


You know what happened?  I got very excited about this idea, and have purchased a bunch of supplies and watched tons of videos where people show their completed pages/books.  I was glad to be excited because I’m having a serious apathy problem lately.  Now that I’ve bought all this stuff?  I think the excitement was just about spending money, because now I have ideas and feel all perfectionistic about them and can’t get started because I don’t want to screw it all up.  This totally defeats the point of the Smash Book.

See, I want this one to be super random.  But then I bought the Tasty Folio to do a food-themed one with recipes and wrappers and restaurant menus.  And I want the Holiday Folio to do a special one about all the Christmases with my grandma, since that was her favorite holiday.  And I want to save the stuff about my various trips to do one that is all about travel.  Ugh, can I just say that I hate my brain?